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Sticky Innovation

august 26 - december 5, 2019 / honors seminar

Sticky Innovation is an interdisciplinary class--designers and engineers--in which we learn about innovation, wicked problems, and design thinking by exploring the problem of Colony Collapse Disorder (CDC) within bees. Through reading, watching documentaries, visiting farms, prototyping, and collaboration, we are able to dive into what it is like to tackle a wicked problem impacting us today. I would encourage you to view the Sticky Innovation website for more information!

This class was by far the best experience I've had during university. The instructors created a comfortable environment in which students can discuss, collaborate, and debate. During class time we learned about bees and the problem facing their survival. Not only was this class about these small creatures, but also about how to think, solve problems, conduct research, and collaborate with other students. As a DAAP student, I don't get many opportunities to work with non-DAAPers and this class was the perfect opportunity to do so. This class was especially my favorite because we did a variety of activities; we didn't just write papers and have discussions--we did more than that. As a class, we went on field trips, taste-tested honey, watched documentaries, and learn several of the skills at the 1819 Innovation Hub. This building provides students with laser cutting, 3D printing, sewing, soldering, wood-working, and many more capabilities. Nandita and Whitney encouraged us to use these machines for our projects so that we would have these skills for the future. Plus, how cool is it to know how to 3D print?!

If you ever get the chance to take this class, TAKE IT!

Hover your mouse over the bee photos to view my documentation and reflections. 





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